Tours and tastings


The brewery used to be at Mona, in a weird glass tower. Then we moved it, because we ran out of room (turns out glass towers can only hold so many massive tanks of beer). But the new custom-built brewery is just up the road in beautiful Bridgewater, and can be visited on Fridays—you just have to book so you don’t catch us doing anything untoward.

Fridays at 12.45pm (except public holidays)

76a Cove Hill Road, Bridgewater

$15 per person

Phone +61 (3) 6277 9900 to book

Tour the Brewery


Needless to say, you can still get the full Moo Brew story at Mona. Journey through our entire range at Cellar Door, and clear your head of all the art you’ve just been subjected to.

Wednesday–Monday, 9.30am–5pm

Cellar Door, Mona

No bookings required for 8 people or less (email for larger groups and private tours)